Pizza Cupcake

I am back with loads of delicious recipes that are sure to tempt your taste buds.Starting off with these Pizza Cupcakes.. Continue reading Pizza Cupcake


Greek salad

Hello everybody!!! We have been quite indulgent by making nachos and avocado pesto spaghetti and so it’s a good idea to control a bit because we will be making some cookies in the next few weeks. Don’t you give me that look, YOLO and as long as we are eating everything in proportions it’s alright. … Continue reading Greek salad

Nachos chips

Hello everybody!!! As you might have seen, last week I posted my Nacho cheese sauce recipe which you guys loved. Some of you suggested me to share with you guys my recipe for homemade nachos chips and restaurant style salsa sauce which I was absolutely going to! So let’s get started. The ingredients required are: … Continue reading Nachos chips