Savory Granola

Hello everybody!!! How’s healthy eating resolution for 2018 going on? To help you with that here I have a delicious, quick and nutritious snack which is very similar to poha chivda with added nutrient benefits. Like I mentioned to you guys last time , how much I love my granola and experimenting with it. This … Continue reading Savory Granola

Mawa cake

Hello everybody!!! This is one of the favourite cakes of most members of my family including my grandma. The texture of this cake is dense but soft at the same time. Although not spongy like my Eggless sponge cake but is like pound cake. This is a perfect cake for any Indian sweets lover as … Continue reading Mawa cake

Banana bread

Hello everybody!!! If you buy bananas, I am sure that you’ll definitely have 2 or 3 that never gets eaten and turns all black and yucky; so basically no one would prefer to eat it. But you are frugal and you paid money for them, so throwing is not an ideal option. So instead you … Continue reading Banana bread


Hello everybody!!! Today I am going to share with you guys my version of shawarma. Now I don’t guarantee that this is the authentic version because it absolutely isn’t. The middle eastern version is made using meat, but our version is made using paneer (cottage cheese). The flavours are really really good in this one.The … Continue reading Shawarma