Peach pie

This is such an amazing pie recipe and I wanted to share before the peach season ends. In this post I am sharing the recipe for peach pie here for the recipe of pie crust So to make this filling you will need:6 Peaches 2 tbsp Cornflour/cornstarch 2 tbsp sugar 1 tsp vanilla essence … Continue reading Peach pie

Pie crust

First of all I'd like to say that this pie crust is the best pie crust I have ever had in my entire life. Don't believe me? Go ahead and try it out yourself. It's flakey, buttery, perfectly sweet, cooks beautifully and as if this was not enough requires only 4 ingredients. Yess!! If you … Continue reading Pie crust

Coconut macaroons

Hello everybody!Today I present you with coconut macaroons. These are pretty simple to make, full of coconutty flavour, soft and chewy in the middle and dipped in luscious dark chocolate. Ideally you can make them with just 2 ingredients (condensed milk and coconut) but I like to take it to another level coz, Why not?! … Continue reading Coconut macaroons

Cake pops

These little things will brighten up your day for sure. Cake pops not only taste good but look cute too, and this makes it a perfect sweet treat which can form a part of any celebration. So here’s what we’ll be needing to make them: 1 cup Cake crumbs, I used chocolate cake 2 to … Continue reading Cake pops