Biscuit Cake

Hello everybody!! A few days back I asked you guys on my Instagram story -Have you tried a cake using biscuits? And 72% of you have but 28% haven’t. So today I am going to share with you guys a recipe from my childhood,I am still young though–add emoji–.Growing up most of us in my … Continue reading Biscuit Cake

Mango Loaf Cake

Hello everybody!! The most awaited season is upon us, Mango of coarse! Although my elder cousin sister and younger cousin brother belong to Anti-Mango Club. Seriously like what’s not to love about mangoes? Last year I did’t eat mangoes because of my injury (because it increases my body temperature, not backed-up by science though). But … Continue reading Mango Loaf Cake

Mango Smoothie

Hello everybody!! How can we let the mango season go by without making this super delicious and healthy mango smoothie.I am sure you’ll be surprised by looking at the ingredients list but don’t be alarmed! Smoothie is a perfect vehicle to sneak in all the veggies that you won’t normally eat. The ingredients required are: … Continue reading Mango Smoothie

Lemon curd

Hello everybody!! It’s been some time since I last shared a sweet/dessert recipe with you guys and I have really missed doing so. This recipe is called lemon curd, I don’t know why (If you do please let me know in the comments) because it doesn’t has anything relating to curd except that it’s tangy. … Continue reading Lemon curd

Malgudi idli

Hello everybody!!! Today I’ll be sharing with you guys my recipe for Malgudi idli. Now I don’t know the authentic name for this variety of idli preparation but I ate it at a mall in a shop called Malgudi. Every time we go there we definitely order this dish. My parents love it more than … Continue reading Malgudi idli